No-Nonsense Home Staging and Decluttering Services in San Antonio

Whether looking at the property online or during an in-person visit, a positive first impression is the first step to a speedy, successful and rewarding transaction.

Home Staging 4 Less focuses on 2 basic steps when preparing a home for sale:

1- DECLUTTERING: Creating a clearer and lighter space so buyers can see themselves living in the space, not the stuff  in the space

2 - STAGING: Bringing out the home's best features using already existing resources in the home  


   ...and do it for LESS, in LESS time and with LESS Stress!

In The News:
"Realtors who work with buyers say most buyers are willing to offer more money for a staged home compared to a similar nonstaged home".
Source: 2015 Profile of Home Staging – National Association of Realtors.

“Realtors we spoke with say one of the most common mistakes people make is having a cluttered home when they’re showing it to potential buyers”.  
Source: January 2016 Real Estate News Source


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