Data source: Geoscape 2016 Hispanic-owned Business Report

Hispanic-owned business in the United States generate more than 15% of this country’s sales, and pay $80 billion in payroll.​

Approximately 75% of Hispanic business owners are at least bilingual.​

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​​30% of Hispanic business owners have incomes higher than $100,000—placing them in the top 20% of U.S. households.​

They Speak English​
Hispanic-owned businesses are expected to grow to more than 4.23 million this year, representing a continued impressive growth rate of 27.5%; more than double the growth rate for all U.S. firms.
​However, most direct marketers do not have a cultural attuned strategy to better engage the Hispanic business owner.​
They are Wealthy

They Contribute

Multicultural B2B 

A $668 Billion Opportunity Waiting to be Tapped

​*2016 Contribution of Hispanic-owned business to the U.S. economy