Multicultural B2B 

A $668 Billion Opportunity Waiting to be Tapped

​*2016 Contribution of Hispanic-owned business to the U.S. economy

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BizzVision provides business, marketing, and entrepreneurial coaching to small and midsize business with an emphasis on Hispanic-owned business.

As an organization we aim at:

  • Enhancing business practices to increase the success of Hispanic entrepreneurs
  • Create awareness of the Hispanic-owned contributions to the local community
  • Promote entrepreneurship among Hispanics of all ages

Areas of coaching can include:

Developing the Vision and Mission
    - Your Business Dream

The Business Plan

   - The Elements and Steps to Take

The Marketing Plan
   - Analyzing you Strengths, Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats   

Advertising Strategy
   - Creating and Distributing your Message

Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

    - Facing and Overcoming Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt​